July 26, 2018

Top 5 Low Carb Barbecue (BBQ) Recipes on SwitchGrocery

We are so excited to announce that our spice blends and drink mixes: Tandoori Masala, Tadka Masala, Garam Masala, Raita Salt and Chai Masala are now available to purchase from SwitchGrocery! To celebrate our partnership, SwitchGrocery has featured 5 amazing low carb recipes WITH MACROS that you can make using our spices with meat from truLOCAL, an online local meat delivery company!


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July 21, 2015

This 10-Minute Recipe Will Help You Lose Weight

An easy way to cut out over 100 calories per meal, is to stop eating processed condiments or sauces, like ketchup, ranch dressing or plum sauce. These sauces are high in calories, sugar and/or fat. They also contain lots of unnatural ingredients. A healthier way to add tons of flavour to a meal is to make homemade Indian Mint Chutney and keep it in your fridge of freezer. Traditionally, mint chutney is eaten with Indian appetizers like samosas or pakoras, or with any Indian main dish like aloo gobi or daal. But you can experiment and eat it with grilled meats or tofu or even use it as a spread on a sandwich.  It will make any bland meal way more delicious and it's really easy to make.

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July 15, 2015

How to Make Roti or Chapati - A Healthier Alternative to Naan

If you've ever had Indian food before, then you're probably familiar with naan, the delicious oven or tandoor baked flatbread that's served at most Indian restaurants. What most people don't realize is, most Indians don't eat naan everyday. It's a treat reserved for special occasions. A healthier alternative that is eaten daily in most indian households, is roti (also called chapati or fulka). It's an unleavened flatbread made of just two ingredients - whole wheat flour and water. To make this dish at home you’ll need a rolling pin, a crepe pan and a cooling rack (or any sized rack you have at home) to cook the flatbread on. Sound simple enough?

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June 26, 2015

How to Make the Absolute BEST Lemonade Ever!

With summer now finally here, you're probably excited to dust off that patio furniture and invite some friends over for drinks and BBQ in the sun! One of my favourite summer drinks to serve when entertaining friends is this Indian inspired lemonade that is made with mint and ginger. It's so delicious and really easy to make. It's light, refreshing and not too sweet. My guests always love it! 

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March 12, 2015

Five Nutritious Alternatives to Olive Oil You Might Not Have Tried Yet

If care about your health, you're probably always looking for ways to add a little more healthy goodness to your home cooked meals. An easy way to add some more nutritional value to a dish is to switch up the oil that you use in your cooking. Many people stick only to extra-virgin olive or canola oil. Here’s a crash course in 5 alternatives that can replace your run-of-the-mill oils while baking, dressing, or cooking any meal of the day. View full article →
March 05, 2015

The Science Behind Picky Eaters

We bet you know someone who is a full-fledged picky eater. Maybe your little one refuses to eat anything but pancakes and plain pasta, or your best friend can’t stand anything green.

            There are varying degrees of adventurous eaters - some people chow down on anything put in front of them. Others are cautious but try things anyway, and some simply can and will not eat something they don’t know or like.

            Usually the pickiest of eaters are young children, and many of these fussy eaters grow out of their tendencies and later in life enjoy unique and delicious foods usually reserved for the more mature palate, like fermented, pickled, or salted and brined foods, that are found far from the sugary cereal aisle of a grocery store. But some stay safe and picky eaters for life. Ever wonder why that is?


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February 25, 2015

March Break Staycation Ideas for your little Foodies

Food has the amazing ability to bring people together. Ever notice how the kitchen always seems to be where people congregate? Kids come home after school with their friends and head straight for the kitchen. Dinner guests hover by the fridge, asking if they can help with anything. And with March Break around the corner, your hungry teens and little ones will have so much more free time to spend snacking together, especially if you’re not going away this time of year.

            If a sandy beach or foreign country aren’t part of your March Break plans, that’s okay. We’ve got a couple ideas to make your kitchen, living room, and dining room the hottest vacation spots there are!


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February 18, 2015

Kitchen Tip That Will Shave 10 Minutes Off Most Indian Recipes

Ginger is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian cooking, next to garlic and onion of course. Buying and peeling a whole ginger root when your recipe calls for just a tablespoon or two is such a pain. Chopping ginger can also be a sticky, messy nuisance. Did you know that ginger actually freezes really well?  So a really easy way to save at least 10 minutes when making an Indian recipe is to do a little prep ahead of time. Grind a big batch of ginger using a food processor and freeze it into tablespoon sized portions so you'll always have it ready to use whenever you need it. 

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