About Us

My kids never learned how to cook Indian food. To keep our Indian heritage alive, I developed a cooking kit. With it, Indian cooking becomes so easy, anyone can do it!

Now I get a delicious home cooked Indian meal - daal, aloo gobi, roti - every time I visit them!  It feels so great! If my children can learn to cook Indian meals, so can you!


Jaswant Kular


40 Years of Cooking Experience

Mother of 4 

Our Story

Check out our video interview with the Globe and Mail, explaining how our company came about.





Our Team 

We are a team of mother and daughters on a mission to make authentic Indian cooking easier.

 Jessie (Jaswant) Kular
Jaswant (aka Jessie) Kular Nimi Kular Roupi Kular Simi Kular
Co-founder and Executive Chef Co-founder and Head of Marketing Co-founder and contributor at sales events Director of Retail Partnerships
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How We Do It

We produce all natural Indian spice blends. They are are all hand-crafted and produced in Canada. We source great quality whole and ground spices. The whole spices are inspected, sifted, dry-roasted and then ground. We then blend the various ground spices together in the right proportions to make the Jaswant's Kitchen signature spice blends.

Due to the special soil and climate conditions needed for the cultivation of spice plants, many of our spices are products of other countries. However, we do source some spices and lentils that are products of Canada as well.

Jaswant creates all of the recipes with authentic flavour as her top priority. Many hours of testing and tweaking go into each recipe to ensure the taste is delicious, the process is as quick and simple as possible, and the dish is healthy.