Why Jaswant's Kitchen?

You might be wondering why you should buy Jaswant's Kitchen Spice Blends instead of other Indian spice blends or pre-made pastes or sauces.

We created Jaswant's Kitchen for 2 reasons:

1. Jaswant wanted to make the process of cooking Indian food easier for her kids; and

2. She couldn't find any other product that captured the same delicious flavours she grew up with in Punjab (India) and wanted her children to continue to enjoy and in turn pass on to their families.


So Jaswant experimented and tested her spice blends until she was completely satisfied with all the flavours. Being a foodie, Jaswant wasn't going to compromise on taste just to make the process easier! So when you use our spices you're getting the authentic and delicious flavour that Jaswant grew up with. These are home cooked Indian flavours. Jaswant cooks with her own spice blends as she makes dinner for herself and her husband who love to eat Indian food most days of the week. She is always impressed and delighted by the deliciousness of her own creations and how much time they save her!


All of the recipes are really easy-to-follow. They have been created with a busy person's lifestyle in mind. For example, instead of having to watch and stir a simmering pot of chicken curry on the stovetop for hours, we suggest you transfer your curry to a pre-heated oven in a stainless steel pot. Turn on the oven cook timer so that the oven automatically turns off at the right time (most ovens have this function). That way you don't have to stand around and watch the pot and instead you can spend time with your family or enjoy a glass of wine or finish up some work!

That's just one example of a time saving tip. The spice blends themselves will save you tons of time from first of all, not having to go out and buy all of the individual spices needed to make each dish, but also from having to figure out the amounts of each spice to use to get the flavours right.

Our most popular spice blend Tadka Masala, eliminates the need to have to peel, chop and fry your onions, garlic and ginger for each dish. You can read more about it here. This blend is our own unique creation and will save you a lot of time!


Being a nutritionist, healthy and all-natural food has always been important to Jaswant. All of our products are 100% natural. They are simply a mixture of spices and herbs. No preservatives, colouring or artificial ingredients.

Our recipes are also health conscious and are much healthier versions of their restaurant counterparts. For example, our recipe for daal doesn't call for any cream or butter (which restaurants use lots of for this dish). You get a lot more complexity of flavour in our daal because of all of the spices we have used in our blends and it's so much healthier!