Butter Chicken Meal in a box (for CDN orders only)

$34.99 CAD

A perfect Xmas gift for someone who loves Butter chicken and does not want to spend all day in the kitchen making it.

We have curated this gift box with everything you need to make a complete meal.  

  Butter chicken,
Aloo gobi
   Rice pillaff and Vegetable Raita


The butter chicken recipe is an easy version to be made in an instant pot, that means no standing around to stir and keep checking.  However, if you don't have instant pot it can still be made in any pot on stove top. It will just take a bit longer to cook.

To make a vegetable dish, we have included a pouch of spices for Aloo gobi. 

Included also 2 cups of premium quality Basmati rice to accompany the butter chicken as a main starch. The rice comes with whole spices that will make your whole kitchen smell amazing. The rice of course has its own scent and cooks to become so light and fluffy. The grains grow three times in size. Recipe card is included.

A pack of Raita salt, to flavour  yogurt to make a Vegetable raita to cool off the taste buds.and it can also be used to spice up beverages or rim the glasses. Recipe card is Included

All you need are the perishable ingredients.  The shopping list is included for convenience. You may purchase naan to accompany the meal or just make it at home with our recipe for naan.

All items comes packed in a box and ready for gifting. 


  1. Butter chicken seasoning pouch with instructions - 30 g
  2. Aloo Gobi seasoning pouch with instructions-28g
  3. Raita salt - 20g (packed in FDA approved foil lined bag)
  4. Premium Basmati Rice with whole spices - 2 cups
  5. Recipe cards for Raita and  Rice Pilaff
  6. Ingredient list 

Allergen Allert: Contains Mustard. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts sesame seeds and soy.

If you want us to add a beautiful hand written gift note. Just send us the message to be included.( courtesy of Jaswant's Kitchen)