Do your adult children love to eat Indian food, but rely on you to cook it for them?

If your children never learned to cook Indian food, it's not too late! 

My kids never learned how to cook Indian food. To keep our Indian heritage alive, I developed a cooking kit. With it, Indian cooking becomes so easy, anyone can do it!

Now I get a delicious home cooked Indian meal - daal, aloo gobi, roti - every time I visit them!  It feels so great! If my children can learn to cook Indian meals, so can yours!

Jaswant Kular
40 Years of Cooking Experience
Mother of 4 


When I moved to Canada from Punjab, India over 40 years ago, my husband and I knew we were going to create a better future for ourselves and our children. And we did! We have 4 wonderful children who are now adults and are very successful in their respective fields. We put an emphasis on education and hard work - and it paid off! Now they all live on their own and 2 are married with children. I am a proud grandmother or "Nani"!


When my kids were growing up, we ate an Indian dinner most days of the week. Although they all learned how to make chai, I never pushed them to learn more complicated dishes like aloo gobi, daal or chapati, because I wanted them to concentrate on their studies. I thought "they will learn to make roti once they have children".


Indian Cooking is Difficult

One day my eldest daughter who is married called me and asked me how to make aloo gobi. I didn't have a recipe written down, I just knew how to make it from decades of practice. I told her a little bit of zeera, some haldi, etc, etc....then if it doesn't taste right call me back. She called me back 30 minute later, saying it didn't taste good. I tried to guide her to fix it, but she said it still didn't taste "like when you make it, mom". 
Indian cooking is complicated compared to other types of cooking. There are so many spices that go into each dish. Without years of practice, it can be very hard to get the flavour right. Without a very strong interest to learn, your children will probably get discouraged very quickly! 


What Will Happen When You're Gone?

If today you make Indian food for your kids and grand-kids, do they have the motivation to learn how to do it themselves? What will happen when you are gone from this world? It's a sad thought, but we must think about it. How will our children continue to eat delicious home made Indian meals? How will this wonderful tradition we have continue into the next generations? Can we really risk losing our heritage? 


My Products make Indian Cooking so EASY

With my background as a nutritionist and my knowledge of food science, I developed a revolutionary line of all natural masalas that make it very easy to make Indian dishes. For example, our masoor daal (or yellow daal as your kids may call it) can be made in 30 minutes and does not require any chopping of onion, garlic or ginger. You simply boil the daal in water with our Tadka Masala (contains over 20 different spices) and then finish with Garam Masala and cilantro. The taste turns out amazing EVERY time and it's so easy to make! 
Watch this video that explains how I got started:
I put all of my products together in a Punjabi Cooking Starter Kit. The kit comes with 5 of my all natural masalas and 15 step-by-step printed recipe cards to make over 100 individual meal portions. With this kit Indian cooking becomes so easy, anyone can do it! 
The kit contains:

Non-Vegetarian Recipe Cards

Aloo Gobi Raita Masoor Daal Butter Chicken  Mahn Di Daal
Paneer Tikka Channa Masala Saag Paneer Chicken Curry Goat Curry
Grilled Curry Shrimp Grilled Masala Lamb Chops Grilled Salmon Tadka Halibut Masala Kheer


Vegetarian Recipe Cards

Aloo Gobi Raita Masoor Daal Aloo Baingan  Mahn Di Daal
Paneer Tikka Channa Masala Saag Paneer Rajmah Bhindi
Channa Daal Rice Pulao Tandoori Veg Skewer Tandoori Root Veg Kheer


Are you REALLY going to teach them yourself?

You're probably thinking, this kit is beautiful, but why would I buy masalas for my children when I already know how to cook, I can just teach them. If you've had success in teaching your kids, then great - that is an achievement! But you should ask yourself:

  • Do my children live close enough that I can teach them? It may take countless hours to teach them the right combinations of spices and how to adjust each recipe to get it right. Think about the hours you spent learning to cook. Do I have the time to teach them?
  • Do my kids have the time or desire to learn from me?
  • Have I written down recipes that my kids can follow? Do I have time to do this?
  • Will my kids spend as long in the kitchen as I did?
  • Do your kids have easy access to the multitude of spices (over 20 individual spices) required when you don't have a pre-blended masala? 


NOW is the Time

Now is the time to encourage our children to carry on our tradition of Indian cooking. Don't wait until it's too late and you are gone. What will your kids do then?

Read What People Are Saying

Here's what some of our customers had to say about my products 


Shilpa from Toronto said:

"This is one of the best Aloo Gobi dishes I have had (and definitely the best I have made). I finally got a genuine compliment on my indian cooking from my husband of 10 years! The recipe is so fast and simple, but the end result makes it seem like you spent a lot of time in the kitchen!"

Amreen from Toronto said:

"I grew up eating Indian food at home at least 3-4 times a week. When I had my own family, I wanted to continue that tradition of wholesome Indian meals, but found it to be challenging with the responsibilities of home, work and kids in the mix. Cooking with Tadka Masala has revolutionized the way I prepare Indian meals. Now, I can prepare delicious daal (lentils) and sabzi (vegetables) in 15 minutes. I can make chicken curry in 30 minutes! These wonderful spice blends have given me the best gift: The ability to serve delicious, homemade Indian meals to my family several times a week! Tadka Masala is now my go-to gift for all occasions!"

Aparna from Toronto said:

"The goat curry is absolutely delicious and easy to make. The whole family is happy when this meal is being prepared."

Manju from North Carolina said:

"Quick, easy and yummy! Aalu baingan turned out really tasty and looked good too. I loved the hue and the taste of the tadka masala in it. Also, the recipe is easy to follow and make."

Harluvleen from Ludhiana said:

"The Baingain bhartha recipe was so easy to cook and tasted perfect! I just love recipes from Jaswant's Kitchen ! Thank you!" 


Unlimited Money-Back Guarantee 

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